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Personalization is not

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Unlock the Power of Personalization

What is Real Hyper-Personalization?

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Treating each customer as an individual. Hyper-personalization leverages behavioral profiles, allowing retailers to address each customer at the individual level, not just a segment

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Personalizing not just recommendations, but also search results, navigation and content; while connecting these touchpoints seamlessly

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AI driven, ensemble decisioning to dynamically pick the winning strategy for each customer and context. Recommendations that work even without historical data, and eliminate the need for manual merchandising

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Evaluating Personalization Providers?

Start by listing out your non-negotiable requirements. We know it’s a daunting task – so we created this checklist to make the assessment just a bit simpler.

Meet Algonomy Personalization Suite the only one that checks all the above boxes and then some more

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Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines – 2020 and 2019

DeepRecs Visual AI for human assistant like shopping experience, for similar products and complete-the-look recommendations

150+ pre-built personalization strategies for every possible scenario

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First-of-its-kind DeepRecs NLP that personalizes even without historical data, solving for fast catalogs, long tail and seasonal products.

Loved by Over 400 Retailers and Brands

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“Traditional personalization strategies – customer segments, popular items and past purchases – don’t work for our business. We needed true individualization, and [Algonomy] was the answer.”

Jussi Koskinen

CTO, swap.com