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Surfacing Product Packages in Search Results

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B2B Retail

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Surfacing Product Packages in Search Results

The Challenge

In B2B e-commerce, businesses struggle to effectively showcase products and encourage customers to explore complementary items, limiting upselling potential.

The Approach

B2B Find™ offers a dynamic solution to this challenge by leveraging its advanced algorithms to intelligently suggest packages alongside individual items in search results. These packages combine the desired product with compatible or complementary items. By analyzing user preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior in real-time, B2B Find™ ensures that the suggested packages are highly relevant to each customer's needs while accounting for the shopper's contract terms and product viewing permissions.


Combining products in a package leads the user to discover more products within context, and will potentially lead to an increase in order value and revenue per visit.

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Surfacing Product Packages in Search Results

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