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Making Personalized Category Recommendations for Faster Product Discovery

Applicable Segment(s):

B2B, Fashion & Apparel, Supermarket, Department Store, Food & Grocery, Specialty, DNVB, QSR

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Making Personalized Category Recommendations on the Home Page for Faster Product Discovery

The Company

A leading European sourcing and services company that offers electrical, heating, plumbing, ventilation, and energy solutions.

The Challenge

  • This B2B retailer has over 2,000 categories they could present to their shoppers on the home page.
  • They wanted to show categories that are relevant and personalized to each customer. This would make the shopping journey more efficient.

The Approach

  • The retailer created a placement with category recommendations, based on the customer’s affinity, on the home page.
  • They created this placement using ‘Configurable Strategies’, a Recommend™ feature that helps implement custom personalization strategies using pre-built models.
  • In this case, the retailer chose the ‘Previous Purchases’ model and enabled category recommendations, which resulted in the placement getting populated with categories that the customer frequents or recently visited.
  • This placement helped customers find products of interest faster, thereby improving the shopping experience.

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Personalized Category Recommendations On Home Page

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