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Merging Individual User Data to Create Household Profile

Applicable Segment(s):

Food & Grocery, Supermarket, Department Store, QSR

Impacted Function(s):

Commerce, Marketing

Solution Area:

Real-time Customer Profile

Merging Individual User Data to Create Household Profile


An American supermarket chain operating in over 130 locations in six states.

The Challenge

The grocery retailer wanted to solve for how to provide relevant recommendations in their weekly flyer when multiple people lived at the same household. Traditionally, shoppers develop their own profiles when shoppers are using their individual computers.

The Approach

  • The retailer sent Algonomy a feed that included the individual user preferences along with the household they belong to.
  • Algonomy was able to ‘link’ the users to a specific household and blend their profiles.
  • The recommendations in the weekly flyer were now able to represent all shoppers’ preferences together.

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