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Ingesting Member and Cardholder Status

Applicable Segment(s):

Speciality, Food & Grocery, Marketplace, QSR, Supermarket, Department Store, Fashion & Apparel, B2B, DIY, DNVB

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Solution Area:

Real-time Customer Profile

Ingesting Member and Cardholder Status


An American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation.

The Challenge

The retailer wanted to differentiate between members and non-members as well as cardholders and non-cardholders so they could personalize to them on the site differently.

The Approach

  • Set up a Build FTP for the retailer to send the information to Algonomy.
  • Defined the ingestion cadence to be weekly.
  • Once data has been ingested, the segments can be seen in the dashboard.
  • Merchants are able to target each segment and either show specific content to each group or certain product recommendations (such as members only) throughout the site.

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