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Data Science Workbench for a niche business

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Commerce, Data

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Data Science Workbench

Data Science Workbench for a niche business


An American online wine retailer.

The Challenge

This niche retailer caters to a unique customer shopping behavior – people shopping for wine interact differently than other types of products like apparel or appliances.

They needed an alternative strategy that considered wine ratings as well as an unconventional category structure including regions and varietals.

The Approach

Using Algonomy’s Data Science Workbench, the retailer’s data scientist team was able to incorporate internal tables, such as:

  • Most Purchased Wines & Recently Added (based on appellation/varietal)
  • Industry Accolades Popular Wines

Using Configurable Strategies, the team was able to make variants based on a shopper’s affinity as well as diversify recommendations.

The Result

  • 16x higher Attributable Sales (when compared with a ‘Top Sellers’ strategy)

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Data Science Workbench for a niche business

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