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Creating a unified customer profile

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Marketing, Data

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Real-time CDP

Creating a unified customer profile


A multinational conglomerate.

The Challenge

The company operates across 40 countries, driving over 30 businesses and 300 brands. The company stored customer data in disparate systems across its various business units. They weren't able to leverage this wealth of data to generate actionable customer insights.

The Approach

  • The company deployed a Real-time CDP, which helped break down data silos by unifying all customer data—behavioral, transactional, campaign response, eCommerce, app, etc.
  • Using deterministic and probabilistic matching algorithms, a customer’s known logins and anonymized identities were stitched together. This provided a 360-degree view, with deep insights into a customer’s tastes, preferences, and behaviors.
  • With further enrichment of these views using third-party data, the company created Golden Customer Records that enabled better segmentation and data analyses.

The Result

  • End-to-end view of the journeys of over 5 million customers, cutting across brands and business units.
  • A single source of truth - structured and easily accessible for downstream analysis and activation.

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Creating a unified customer profile

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