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Configurable strategies for Gifting pages

Applicable Segment(s):

Supermarket, Grocery,
Department Store

Impacted Function(s):


Solution Area:

Configurable AI

Configurable strategies for Gifting pages


An American multinational retail corporation.

The Challenge

The retailer wanted to better engage customers who are shopping for others, and make it easier for them to find gifts they are browsing for.

The retailer has insights on their top subcategories to recommend as gifts, e.g., Fragrances for Women, Headphones for Men.

The Approach

  • Send Algonomy the industry segment via the instrumentation code.
  • Targeting customers with top selling products in subcategories.
  • Especially helpful when L3/L4 subcategories are shells, and cannot use OOTB strategies.
  • Configurable Strategies are instrumental in supporting recommendations where the instrumentation does not seed the category.
  • Personalization Seeds being used:
    • Fixed Category Seeds (Men’s grooming, babies, etc.)
    • Fixed Brand Seeds (”Lego”, ”Calvin Klein”, etc.)

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Configurable strategies for Gifting pages

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