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Capitalize on Brand or Product Popularity

Applicable Segment(s):

Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Beauty, Home Furnishings, Electronics, Luxury, Specialty, DIY, Toys, Office Supplies and D2C

Impacted Function(s):


Solution Area:

Social Proof

Capitalize on Brand or Product Popularity by Highlighting Real-Time Trends, Sales

The Company

A leading online confectioner

The Challenge

Helping B2B shoppers find products they like from a variety of options that specifically meet their needs.

The Approach

The confection chose to showcase real-time product metrics and social proof messages on the category listing pages for identified shoppers based on their past purchase data and based on the wisdom of the crowd for new visitors.

They used badges like best seller badges and real-time views of the items within the category. The number of purchases in a recent time window based on the category was used. The flexibility to test the placement of messages, setting thresholds and optimizing for results were valued by the retailer.

The Result

The retailer was able to help visitors navigate from the Category Listing pages to the PDPs faster and drive relevant traffic to the right pages. In doing so, they were able to build shopper confidence for their products.

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Capitalize on Brand or Product Popularity

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