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Personalise every digital interaction

Whether it is new visitors or returning customers, AI-driven personalisation allows you to deliver exceptional experiences that will keep them engaged and coming back, no matter where and how they interact with your brand.

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Visual AI

Get 15% lift in sales, increase purchase frequency and maximize CLTV with visual human assistant like shopping experiences.

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150+ strategies OOTB

Get 15% uplift in revenue with 150+ out-of-the-box personalisation strategies, for every scenario.

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Deep Recs

Drive 3x more conversions with first-of its kind Deep recs NLP. Personalise even with sparse or no historical data for fast changing catalogs, long tail and seasonal products.

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Configurable Strategies

Increase conversions by an additional 3%. Empower non-tech users to quickly build, test and iterate new personalisation strategies with fine-grained control for marketers and merchandisers.

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Immersive Integrated Search

Convert 5X more with rich, interactive search that displays hyper-relevant results using integrated user-profile, real-time catalog indexing and unique ‘wisdom of crowd’.

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Individualise Content

Increase RPS by 24% and increase engagement by 5x. Auto-optimize content experiences with AI by shopper type and behavioural preferences.

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To meet the evolving needs of today’s digital customer, you need an AI solution that lets you personalise every aspect of the digital experience – Search, Recommendations and Offers, Content, Browse and Navigation – at scale. At the same time, leverge Algonomy’s retail expertise and best practices to rapidly drive phenomenal results.


5X More Conversions

with Personalised Commerce Search

Deliver hyper-relevant search results based on individual shopper behaviour and affinities. Create a visually interactive experience that reacts in real-time as user keys in queries.

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40% Higher Revenues

with OOTB Recommendation Strategies

Drive higher RPV and AOV with the industry’s most comprehensive library of 150+ OOTB strategies. Recommend even without historical data with cutting-edge deep learning based Visual AI and NLP techniques, that solve the discovery problem for long tail products.

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24% Increase in Revenue Per Session (RPS)

and 5X Engagement

Leverage AI to optimize content experiences by shopper type (new or returning customers) as well as individual behavioural preferences. Auto-discover new behavioural segments, eliminate time-consuming A/B tests and move to algorithmic testing that never plateaus.

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10-20% Increase in Conversions

with Personalised Category Sorting

Make product discovery easy by dynamically re-sorting category pages in real-time. Rapidly test personalisation configurations, boost or bury products and aid shopper decision making by surfacing the most relevant items.

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Top apparel company with 2 million + SKUs increased conversions by 7.3% with personalised search.

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Find out how one of UK’s fastest growing supermarket chain with over 900 stores achieved 46% higher RPV (revenue per visitor), 10% higher AOV and a staggering 25X RPMI for new launches.

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Personalisation lessons from Miinto

Hear from Paloma Truong, Head of CX from Miinto, one of the fastest growing fashion marketplaces.

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This paper defines why Findability™ is the essential metric for personalised eCommerce Search and how it positively impacts CX and ultimately engagement and overall revenues.

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Personalisation lessons from John Lewis

Hear from Rob Hitchman, Digital Product Manager and Charlie Banfield, Senior Digital Trade Merchandiser from John Lewis.

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Personalisation Cloud Datasheet

The Personalisation Cloud is comprised of a full suite of solutions that help you create data-driven impactful customer experiences, wherever they are in their shopping journey and across all digital touchpoints.

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