High-Value Model Development at Scale

Algonomy’s Data science Workbench enables your Data Science and Marketing teams to build custom models and execute complex algorithms at scale with clean customer data and easy to use model building workflow.

Test & Optimize

Test & optimize to improve model accuracy using variable significance testing, train and test approach to select the best model among OOTB & custom.

Import Models

Import and run PMML models with custom model import & management capabilities. Import models to CDP for down-stream analysis. Execute API based algorithms in real-time.

Build models

Build high-value custom models by selecting from our comprehensive list of 150+ retail-specific strategies and variables. Alternatively, use our set of rigorous and sophisticated algorithms out-of-box for propensity, churn, lookalike & more. You could also set the frequency.

Publish models

Publish models for personalization & orchestration through advanced list management.

Empowering Marketing with AI

Particle element

Build & deploy best models

Allows model customization to test hypothesis and data science models with live production data without having to stand up an entire AI stack, which can be costly and time consuming.

Real-time model deployment

Deploy AI models in real time to activate intelligent audience with granular segmentation and deep segment analysis for personalized marketing, using unified profile in the CDP.

Self-service data science

Delivers a self-service experience for data scientists equipping them with toolkits with over 1200 domain measures and metrics, pre-built models, templates, dashboards and KPIs.

Break the black box

Comes with the required business controls, visibility and extensibility of algorithms in order to achieve the best outcomes from AI with transparency in decisioning.

More Ways to Leverage Your Data

Customer Data Platform
Customer Data Platform

Algonomy's Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the only intelligent hub for retail with actionable algorithms/real-time activation/real-time customer analytics

Marketing Journey Orchestration
Marketing Journey Orchestration

Algonomy Marketing Journey Orchestration enables 1:1 journey-based customer engagement across online & offline channels powered by intelligent hub CDP.

Omnichannel Personalization
Omnichannel Personalization

Deliver the most relevant and personal buying experience to each visitor and customer across every channel and touchpoint.

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