Deploy best-in-class personalization. 10X Faster
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Streaming catalog

Make catalog updates hassle-free and real-time, index product attributes as a catalog changes

Minimal workload

Drastically lower integration efforts and save technical resources

Native integration

Benefit from out-of-the-box integration with the Shopify eCommerce Platform

Complete control

Get full control over integration and focus on executing your personalization use cases

Advanced AI

Take advantage of 1:1 personalization with a unique ensemble approach to decisioning

Make experience personalization a thing of past

Coherent, personalized shopping journeys – from search and
browse to recommendations and content

Seamless,hyper-personalized shopping experiences across all your digital touchpoints

Integrated, real-time customer profiles that deliver a friction less shopping experience

Catalog and content up and running in a few days


higher digital revenues


Bigger basket sizes


Lift in conversions from search


Higher revenue per visitor

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What can Algonomy do for you

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Personalized Product Recommendations

Ease product discovery with our library of 150+ out of the box recommendation strategies. Leverage self-driving Al to deliver the best experience, even for fast changing catalogs and new shoppers.

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Personalized Content and Offers

Boost engagement by auto-discovering segments and delivering the right content experiences at the right time.

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Personalized Search

Improve findability by personalizing search results using shopper behavioral data.

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Personalized Browsing

Create dynamic category pages to drive customer engagement and conversions.

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What's in the news

Algonomy (previously Richrelevance & Manthan) announces new Shopify connector

Leading commerce solution meets leading hyper-personalization solution to drive rapid digital growth