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Algonomy Personalization Playbook
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Amado por mais de 400 varejistas e marcas

Fashion and Beauty
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Food & Grocery
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Ofereça uma personalização completa do ciclo de vida do comércio com a Algonomy

Conecte cada ponto de contato com o apoio de perfis de usuários em tempo real

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Personalized recommendations

With the industry’s most comprehensive library of over 150 strategies, Algonomy Recommend™ delivers the most contextually relevant product recommendations that help you achieve engagement, conversion and revenue goals, be it for similar products, cross-sell or long tail products.

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Personalized search

Our promise - no two shoppers see the same search results for identical search terms. By leveraging shopper individual behavioral data and affinities, Find™ displays the most relevant catalog items upfront, ensuring customers find what they need, without having to dig deeper. Our self-learning search eliminates the dreaded ‘no results’ page and ensures relevance

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Personalized browse and navigation

Dynamically re-sort category and product listings with flexibility to customize weights for attributes such as brands, pricing, product newness, view and purchase affinities. Discover™ immediately impacts product discovery by matching category pages with your shopper preferences as she browses, as if you were re-arranging the in-store display for every visit.

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Personalized content and offers

Engage™ auto-optimizes content experiences by mapping individual shopper behavior against advanced targeting and segments. Discover new behavioral segments, eliminate the need to run manual A/B tests and trigger on-demand dynamic experiences. Personalize by shopper type (new visitors or returning customers) and across the buying journey (from landing pages to cart page).

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Get inspired

Biblioteca de ideias de venda a varejo com mais de 20 exemplos exclusivos de personalização de mercado, moda, especialidades, eletrônicos, faça você mesmo, beleza e muito mais

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Personalization checklist

Saiba mais sobre o conjunto de hiperpersonalização da Algonomy

Personalization datasheet

Resolva o desafio das lacunas de recomendação para produtos sem dados históricos e alivie a carga sobre os merchandisers com o DeepRecs Visual AI e PNL

DeepRecs datasheet