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Algonomy OrderRight :
Unleash AI-Powered, Accurate
1 Click Replenishment

Improve shelf availability and reduce supply chain costs by algorithmically optimizing replenishment

Explore AI-powered replenishment for your business

Trusted by leading grocery chains worldwide

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Intelligent demand forecasting & replenishment: The need of the hour

The grocery industry is experiencing seminal changes with an increased need for fresh products, omnichannel demand, and shorter product life cycles making it more complex and challenging for category managers to maintain cross-channel availability, reduce wastage and optimize inventory and costs.

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Creating intelligent SKU-level replenishment plans is just a few clicks away

Forecast confidently with proprietary AI

Generate multivariate forecasting with auto-suggested predictors and create Best-fit ML-based demand modeling with an ensemble of algorithms.

Optimize replenishment plans with curated algorithms

Optimize inventory days vs cost optimization with shelf-life, lead-time, expiration date, minimum order quantity, minimum display stock, and standard ordering frequency constraints.

Generate and visualize robust replenishment plans

Create a single view of what, when, how to order along with key SKU-level parameters, risk levels, and stock projections.

Achieve instant ROI with algorithmic replenishment optimization


reduction in
inventory costs


reduction in


in wastage



Explore AI-powered 1-click replenishment
for your business

Why top grocery chains use Order Right

Order Right is an industry-first, AI-infused replenishment solution

Built on Forecast Right -the most accurate, smart, and retail-native forecasting solution

Unique replenishment algorithms built specifically for retail

Designed with the business
user in mind

Agile and scalable across SKU-category-store-channel combinations

Learn how grocery chains are
optimizing replenishment with AI

A leading grocery chain in the
middle east improved its demand forecasting
of perishable goods with AI

Annual impact on the bottom line:
$1,000,000+ for just 1 critical item

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Looking to improve shelf availability and reduce supply chain costs?

We can help. Algonomy powers replenishment with AI for top grocers worldwide

Improve shelf availability & lower supply chain costs