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B.TECH Leverages Algonomy’s Technology to Power Personalized Experiences Across the Commerce Purchase Funnel

B.TECH Leverages Algonomy’s Technology to Power Personalized Experiences Across the Commerce Purchase Funnel

B.TECH attributed 18.6% of its online sales to personalization driven by Algonomy RecommendTM

Egypt’s top electronics retailer creates hyper-personalized online experiences with industry’s best in class AI-powered recommendation solution.

Bengaluru and San Francisco, 20 April 2022: Algonomy, the leader in Algorithmic Decisioning Platform, today announced that B.TECH, Egypt’s number 1 consumer electronics retailer with over 100 stores and a growing online presence, is leveraging its flagship recommendation engine to improve product discovery across the digital commerce journey. B.TECH attributes 18.6% of its sales from web, mobile site and apps to the personalized recommendations driven by Algonomy RecommendTM

B.TECH saw its revenue from eCommerce grow significantly in 2020 as consumers were home bound and relied on gadgets and electronics for not just professional, but also for social and entertainment needs. The retailer recognized the need to aid product discovery and help online shoppers explore the product catalog to make an informed buying decision. 

Algonomy RecommendTM delivers contextually relevant product recommendations with a library of 150+ pre-built strategies. Each product recommendation for each shopper is handpicked by an ensemble model based decisioning engine in real time, considering business goals and shopper stage in the purchase funnel. 

“We are really excited with the results that Algonomy is able to deliver on our online channels. Our customers are very particular about specific product features and a gadget’s compatibility with their existing devices, hence the ability to recommend relevant similar and complementary products is crucial. Today personalized recommendations directly contribute to 5% revenue from cross-sell and we are seeing 10 times more revenue on the cart page.”, said Hazem Salah, Principal Product Manager for E-Commerce & Innovation at B.TECH. “This motivates us to take things to the next level by extending personalized shopping to our 100+ stores across the country and deliver on our vision for a customer-centric omnichannel experience. 

“The success of B.TECH in their market is impressive and we are thrilled to be part of their incredible journey” , said Amit Agarwal, SVP Business Development APAC & MEA at Algonomy. “Over the years, our team is constantly thinking of ways to boost B.TECH’s market standing, inspire loyalty amongst their shoppers, and ultimately help them fast track their growth”


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