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Algonomy Releases Connectors for eCommerce Marketplaces Shopify and Commercetools

Algonomy Releases Connectors for eCommerce Marketplaces Shopify and Commercetools

Bengaluru and San Francisco, 7th October 2022: Algonomy, a leader in Algorithmic Customer Engagement, today announced that it has released two major connectors for eCommerce marketplaces Shopify and Commercetools. This will allow for seamless and automated data exchange between e-stores and Algonomy’s products.

Algonomy Connectors provide an easy way to integrate online stores in Shopify or Commercetools, making real-time capture of product data possible. Connectors eliminate the dependency on third-party agencies and resources for regular updates to catalog data and provide better control and visibility in the catalog integration process.

Algonomy Connectors help to perform the following in real time:

  • Sync product updates directly and automatically with Algonomy’s Personalization platform in real time.
  • Easily configure the data updates through a simple mapping tool to map from Shopify/Commercetools metadata to Algonomy data.
  • Automate data exchange between Shopify/Commercetools and Algonomy Products—such as Find, Recommend, and Advanced Merchandising—by using Streaming Catalog APIs.

Shopify data is synchronized in real time through Webhooks and REST APIs. Whereas Commercetools data is synchronized in real time through Subscriptions and REST APIs.

Data collected is used to complete the linkage among search, navigation, content, and personalized recommendations, which then works in real time to enhance the digital shopping experience. Enabling a seamless, connected experience across all key commerce touchpoints leads to higher customer engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Algonomy has signed a mutual agreement of technology partnership with Commercetools, which offers an expanding set of resources to support system integrators, agencies, and other service providers in discovering, developing, and implementing Commercetools projects. It also offers the potential to create and execute bespoke, market-leading joint value propositions.

To help with quick Shopify Connector deployment and wider customer reach, Algonomy has listed the AlgonomyConnect app at the Shopify App Store.

Bluemercury, one of the largest and fastest growing luxury beauty products and spa retail chains in the US, is one of the early adopters of Shopify Connector.

“Algonomy Connectors were built with a single-minded focus on lowering effort for marketing and their support teams. With faster onboarding of catalog data and better control over the catalog integration process, our connectors significantly improve efficiency and productivity,” said Mark Buckallew, VP – Product Management, Algonomy.


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