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Miinto Case study

Case study

Miinto Case study

Miinto selected Algonomy to be their strategic personalization partner and implemented the Algonomy Personalization platform to unify and personalize their customers entire on-site experience.


Algonomy Personalization Suite (Find™, Recommend™, Discover™, Engage™)


Disjointed customer experience, lack of data insight, manual personalization


x2.5 increase in conversion rate
22% increase in spend from those interacting with personalization
19.4% higher overall revenues with personalization

“We were looking to create a truly personalized customer experience. We believed personalization would give more power to Marketing through greater insights about each individual user. With this greater knowledge and the power of the personalization platform we were then able to optimize each user experience by orchestrating content and product lists in a user centric way.”

– Danni Veng | Group Ecommerce Manager, Miinto

Miinto is a collective of fashion stores created to bring the same intimate experience of boutique shopping to the digital landscape. Miinto partners with more than 1,800 independent fashion boutiques across Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Denmark showcasing approximately 500,000 products and several thousand brands across their ecommerce website.

It is the Miinto mission to create an inspirational experience, offering a wide selection of styles and items to their fashion-forward customers. This forms a synthesis between the brand, shop and customer.

The challenge

In 2017 Miinto was using multiple providers to personalize different areas of their website, which often lead to a disjoint experience for their customers. they also lacked the insight and visibility into what strategies were performing well and which weren’t. Much of the personalization process was manual, leaving marketing and tech teams buried in manual merchandising and personalization rather than focusing on more strategic goals and optimization.

In order to deliver on their promise of creating an inspirational experience, Miinto realized they needed to create a unified and personalized journey for their shoppers.. Miinto aimed to increase engagement, conversion, and basket size with their unified approach. To do this, Miinto was looking for a solution that provided transparency on personalization performance, allowing for manual control when necessary but automating as much of their personalization as possible to free up the marketing and tech teams to focus on strategy and optimization.

The solution

Miinto selected Algonomy to be their strategic personalization partner and implemented the Algonomy Personalization platform to unify and personalize their customers entire on-site experience. Miinto is using the Personalization Cloud™ to personalize every interaction across Miinto’s sites. From the beginning of the shopper journey through to the end, the Miinto digital experience is personalized; from the content on the homepage to product category pages, search results, brand pages, product recommendations and the checkout experience.

Utilizing the Algonomy User Profile Service (UPS), an individuals’ preferences, behaviors, clicks, views, and purchases are recognized in real-time across channels and devices to drive personalized decisions on the subsequent options presented to visitors as they travel on their shopping journey.

The result

With personalization deployed Miinto has seen the visitors who interact with the personalized suggestions benefits from a more enriched experience leading to more than double the conversion rate and higher spend (+22%) to those who do not. In addition, comparing with no personalization, some of the Miinto sites are seeing conversion rate improvements as high as 24%. With several stores selling on Miinto’s platform, personalization is key to their strategy as shoppers needed greater assistance to find merchandise they like. Miinto credits Algonomy personalization with 19.4% incremental revenues, compared to their previous technology.

“RichRelevance has been a game changer for Miinto by allowing us to significantly improve our customer experience, making it personal and relevant to every single user that visits our website. We’re working hand-in-hand with Algonomy on a daily basis to use all available technologies, and even develop new ones, to constantly optimize our onsite experience and make sure that we present the right products to the right customers at the right time”, said Paloma Truong, Head of Customer Experience at Miinto.

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