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McD Campaign

Explore How McDonald's Achieved This and More

  • 40% Surge in omnichannel engagement
  • 33% Year-on-year growth
  • 44 million Customer engagement opportunities

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Customer Data Platform

Get an in-depth view of your customers. Enable real-time audience activation by creating granular segments with unified customer data, across mobile app, aggregator data & store data.
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Customer Journey Orchestration

Authentically engage foodies with perfectly timed personalized campaigns and offers across channels.
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Digital Experience Personalization

Turn every digital interaction into a personal experience by connecting digital touchpoints such as search, browsing, content & recommendations.
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Social Proof Messaging

Accelerate purchase decisions with Real-time Social Proof Messaging. Instill foodie confidence and trust with real-time visibility into trends, popularity, and purchase metrics.
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Restaurant Analytics

Access real-time business intelligence and KPIs on the go to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and drive growth. Utilize restaurant-focused algorithms for smarter, profit-driven decisions.
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Transforming QSR Businesses Like McDonald’s

Algonomy offers best-in-class personalized marketing and business solutions for QSRs, such as:

30% increase in sales by providing a unified customer view, enabling personalized engagement across all touch points.
80% higher operational efficiencies with real-time insights into key operational metrics.

QSRs and Restaurants that Trust Algonomy

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McDonald's India Drives Omnichannel Growth

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