Personalized Customer Experience for Convenience Stores

Make customers come back for more

Improve store footfalls, visit frequency and basket size with Algorithmic Customer Engagement
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Improve trip frequency & basket size

Push personalized offers, basket builders, weekday deals and special coupons to get customers to visit and purchase more often. Blend convenience with personalization to deliver incomparable value to your customers.

Expand your customer base

Acquire new customers with multichannel marketing across online and offline channels. Leverage CDP with in-built customer analytics such as lookalike and propensity to run relevant campaigns across a wider audience.

Improve marketing ROI

Test different content, combos, offers to know what customers really want. Leverage the learning to optimize every campaign, channel and offer to improve response rates and marketing ROI.

Reduce costs and improve bottomline

Leverage algorithmic insights to optimize inventory, right-size assortment, finetune pricing and promotion to streamline backed operations. Enjoy improved margins and increased revenue with enhanced merchandising and supplier collaboration.

Up your digital game with algorithms

An integrated platform for Customer-Centric Marketing, Merchandizing & Vendor Management
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Omnichannel Personalization enables quick, easy, and individualized shopping experience

Push personalized offers, basket builders, weekday deals and special coupons to get customers to visit and purchase more often. Blend convenience with personalization to deliver incomparable value to your customers.

Customer Data Platform enables real-time audience activation

Algonomy’s Real-Time CDP unifies identities, creates granular customer segments, and activates audience for real-time customer engagement, in the moment. It is built for retail with domain-specific measures, dimensions & strategies catering to all C-store marketing use cases.

Customer Journey Orchestration enables seamless customer connect across channels

Algonomy CJO delivers omnichannel orchestration and marketing automation that enriches every customer touchpoint during their buying journey. It provides marketers the control to plan, test and optimize campaigns and promotions over Mobile App, Ecommerce, Email, Text Messages, Point of Sale and Kiosks.

Merchandise Analytics for demand led assortment plans

With Merchandise Analytics, C-Stores can optimize inventory and makes timely price corrections based on precise demand predictions and prescriptive recommendations. It infuses intelligence into planning and forecasting decisions on assortments thereby reducing errors and costs.

Vendor Link for insights-driven supplier collaboration

Vendor Link enables C-Stores to seamlessly manage ordering, delivery, payments, pricing, and promotions across 100s of your vendors. Your suppliers can tangibly leverage the comprehensive insights to craft the most effective pricing and promotions.

Here’s what our customers and experts have to say.

Leading retail businesses across the globe trust us to deliver unparalleled search experiences.

We’re committed to providing a seamless experience to our customers across all channels. Algonomy’s Omnichannel Customer Engagement solutions with their retail-specific algorithms and quick time to market is a best-fit solution to amplify our digital transformation journey. With Algonomy, we’re confident of delivering delightful shopping experiences for our customers.

Fernando Gisbert

Executive Loyalty
We're proud of the product mix and shopping experience we provide in our stores and online. Personalization is an important strategic initiative in our continued endeavor to enhance customer experience across Digital and In-Store. We did a comprehensive evaluation of the market before selecting Algonomy. We're excited to announce the partnership and the comprehensive capabilities of the platform to help us execute our strategic vision with speed.

Glen Bradley

Vice President of Marketing
Personalization is something that customers in the Danish market simply expect when they visit an e-shop. To meet our customer needs, we started by first implementing the most important part of Algonomy platform: Recommend for Personalized Product Offers. We did this throughout our website. Soon after, we looked into implementing Discover for personalized product pages and lastly, Engage, for personalized content and placements. All 3 modules work great together.

Nicholai Fisker

Digital Marketing Manager

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