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Personalization cloud – Personalize the customer journey with big data & AI


Personalization cloud – Personalize the customer journey with big data & AI

Create seamless shopping journeys across all channels with a real-time innovation platform that personalizes every interaction.

Shopping is fundamentally personal and your customers’ expectation is that you treat them as an individual not just a shopper. The Relevance Cloud™ empowers retailers and brands to deliver the customer experience every individual seeks, one that is contextually relevant, personal, engaging and dynamic. With the ability to quickly innovate and curate a deeply personal, brand-centric shopping environment your customers’ happiness and satisfaction will translate into greater value over the lifetime of that relationship.

Data driven customer experiences backed by science

To create impactful data driven customer experiences, the Relevance Cloud is powered by our real-time AI engine that makes precise decisions based on millions of shoppers, contexts and data streams. Using advanced machine learning, the Relevance Cloud is constantly testing, measuring and optimizing hundreds of algorithms and parameters to determine which algorithm will perform the best for each individual interaction. Our models are rebuilt 12 times a day, adjusting for the subtlest changes in behavior, inventory, pricing and more to ensure greater interactions and increased revenues.

“Providing an unparalleled customer experience both in store and across our digital properties is an integral part of Barneys New York. RichRelevance has enabled us to utilize our customer data to craft new and unique digital experiences which engage shoppers on our website, on their mobile and tablet devices and in the physical stores.”

Solutions to power the most engaging customer experience

The Relevance Cloud is comprised of personalization solutions that interact with your customer wherever they are in their shopping journey: mobile, web, in-store, contact center, email and more.

RichRelevance Recommend™ collects all your data and uses our powerful machine-learning engine to select the most relevant, data-driven personalized product recommendations for each customer interaction.
RichRelevance Find™ is a full stack Search solution with 3 layers of personalization engineered to captivate shoppers with dynamic results optimized for each individual to accelerate findability and drive conversion.
RichRelevance Engage™ maps individual customer behavior against advanced targeting and audience segmentation tools to display the right piece of content at the right time.
RichRelevance Discover™ enhances the customer experience with browse and navigation results that dynamically adapt to a shopper’s unique behaviors, brand affinities and price preferences.
RichRelevance Build™ opens the door to endless personalization possibilities, with access to API-based personalization tools enabling you to manage and route data from any source to integrate personalization. These services allow you to learn from and use your data to build innovative products and experiences at the pace of customer interactions today
Our highly experienced personalization consultants optimize your personalization deployment to yield even better results. From simple A/B testing to sophisticated MVT testing, our consultants are able to help define tests and strategies designed to maximize the performance of your personalization