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05 May, 2021

IST 11:00 // SGT 13:30 // GST 09:30 // AEDT 16:30

Learn Personalization from Industry Leaders

Personalization is passé

2021 is about

Recognizing customers as individuals, responding in real-time, personalizing across the customer’s digital lifecycle is the way forward.

Join us as top eCommerce, marketing, digital and data leaders meet to share their perspective, vision, and success stories.

Unlearn the old and see what Visual AI, NLP, and AI-based decisioning can do for your business.

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Heidi Zak

CEO and Co-FounderThirdLove

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Alessio Romeni

Chief Revenue OfficerZalora

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Sucharita Kodali

Retail Industry Analyst, Forrester

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Paloma Truong

Head of Customer Experience, Miinto Group

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Steve Webster

eCommerce Director, eXtra

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Subramanian M S

Head of Category Marketing and Analytics, BigBasket

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Anton Paasi

Head of

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Mithil Ajmera

Head of Marketing eComm, Danube Home

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Kartik Bhatt

Business Head: Omnichannel, Digital Transformation & Digital Mktg, Sharaf Retail

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Ajith Nayar

VP Marketing, Algonomy

Why should you attend?

Keep up with the latest in personalization:

  • Visual AI
  • AI-based decisioning
  • Deep recommendations
  • Personalized search
  • Personalization without behavioral data

Broaden your horizons with real world success stories

Interact with fellow marketers, eCommerce leaders, product managers, search experts, CX executives and more.

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11:00 AM (IST) | 9:30 AM (GST)

CXO Talk: Make personalization a strategic lever, not a tactical conversion tool 

  • Post pandemic mega trends and implications for retail
  • Becoming a customer-first business 
  • Personalization philosophy at ZALORA: Remove bad friction, add constructive friction
  • The offline+online personalization components to future proof your business
  • How to shift from personas to hyper-personalization

Speaker: Alessio Romeni, CRO at Zalora

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Expert Session

11:30 AM (IST) | 10:00 AM (GST)

Navigating internal organization and pushing for change in a new, digital-first world by eXtra

MENA’s largest consumer electronics retailer shares what it means to be a first-mover and making the business case for personalization

  • Spotting the shift in the market early on
  • Quick wins or long-term strategy – how we approached our digital journey
  • Tips to get management buy-in and define the roadmap
  • Putting strategy into action: how we built the right integrated team
  • eXtra’s biggest wins with digital personalization

Speaker: Steve Webster, eCommerce Director

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12:00 PM (IST) | 10:30 AM (GST)

Driving Sustained Growth at Bigbasket with 1:1 Personalization

India’s largest online supermarket shows the way forward

  • Navigating disruption in 2020 
  • Key tenets of personalization at Bigbasket
  • How is personalization in grocery different
  • Key marketing and personalization initiatives for grocery across the customer lifecycle
  • Applications and impact of personalization at BB

Speaker: Subramanian M S, Head of Category Marketing and Analytics, BigBasket

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Case Study

12:30 PM (IST) | 11:00 AM (GST)

How is unlocking the potential of commerce search

Finland’s most popular webstore shares why search and personalization are a key part of customer experience and helped them grow conversions by 31%

  • Webstore as the first touch in an omnichannel business model
  • The Midas touch of personalized search results
  • Overcoming constraints of poor product data with AI-driven search 
  • Breakthrough: how we personalize for products without historical data 

Speaker: Anton Paasi, Head of ECommerce,

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1:00 PM (IST) | 11:30 AM (GST)

The Digital Shift: What digital-first means for retail and eCommerce CX

  • Forces shaping consumer buying in this decade
  • How did the pandemic shape key verticals – grocery, fashion, DTC and brand manufacturers
  • Today’s CX expectations and what do businesses get wrong
  • Personalization evolves to deliver the new CX
  • How can retailers and brands drive hyper-personalization?

Speaker: Sucharita Kodali, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester and Raj Badarinath, CMO at Algonomy

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Round Table

1:30 PM (IST) | 12:00 PM (GST)

Luxury, fashion and lifestyle leaders from Middle East discuss the digital-first and customer-first imperative

  • Dealing with change: eCommerce as default
  • How to plan your personalization milestones? (Your crawl–walk–run)
  • Combining algorithms with human expertise
  • Most significant challenges in becoming customer-first
  • Building an experience that balances exclusivity and availability

Speakers from Danube Home and Sharaf Retail

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Fireside Chat

2:00 PM (IST) | 12:30 PM (GST)

Personalization lessons from Miinto: Prioritize customer experience, business goals will follow

One of Europe’s fastest growing fashion marketplace talks about winning digital experiences, as they continue to grow exponentially during these challenging times for fashion retail

  • Customer experience as a strategy – relevance is the key
  • How to empower a 2 member team to run digital personalization for 10+ countries
  • Best practices from Miinto’s continuous experimentation culture
  • Decoding Miinto’s 19.4% revenue lift attributed to personalization

Speaker: Paloma Truong, Head of Customer Experience

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DTC Spotlight

2:30 PM (IST) | 1:00 PM (GST)

How ThirdLove became the face of women’s retail with personalized experiences and a customer-centric approach

  • Finding an untapped market by challenging an established, old school leader
  • Gut-feel or data – how to build a truly customer-centric, intimate offering
  • Digital or omnichannel: why DTC is going the retail way by opening stores 
  • TL’s hyper-personalization journey and what’s next

Speaker: Heidi Zak, CEO and Co-Founder of ThirdLove

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