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Aligning with Contracted Products and Pricing

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B2B Retail

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Aligning with Contracted Products and Pricing

The Challenge

Contracted buyers cannot access negotiated prices for products on your marketplace. When they see regular pricing or contract terms that do not apply to their organization, it’s a very jarring experience for them.

The Approach

B2B sellers often have different prices they’ve negotiated with different buyers. This record is typically managed by product permissions and entitlements in ERP and CRM systems that house data outside the B2B ecommerce platform. This can be complicated for search engines to handle - so buyers often only see pricing on a product detail page or may see a “Call for Pricing” type of message. B2B Find™ interprets and applies contract terms in real time, ensuring users see accurate pricing based on their specific agreements.


When search engines reflect fidelity to contract terms, it enhances trust and satisfaction among users and improves efficiency in contract management.

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Contracted Products and Pricing

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