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Customer Testimonials – Algonomy Personalization Suite

Customer Testimonials – Algonomy Personalization Suite

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Anton Paasi (Verkkokauppa):
In our case, we’ve had a very good working relationship with Algonomy, previously RichRelevance. Before that avail, it’s still the same company, we’ve had excellent people on their side that help us push things forward. And on vice versa, we are always looking for the next best thing. And we usually give some suggestions back to how we would like, you know, things to be developed. And then so far, you know, the relationship with between our companies has been the border limit, as good as it can be, in my opinion.

Paloma Truong (miinto):
So, for us, I mean, I, I could couldn’t really imagine actually not having any personalization on the product sorting. Of course, we were maybe a special case, because we have so many products, but I think any kind of online retailers would benefit from personalization and for making sure that users are shown the products that are the most relevant for them. And, and yeah, we could see basically 20% drop in revenue in that period of time, so that that allowed us like it was a bit rough, but it still allowed us to have an idea of what personalization is bringing in terms of revenue for business.

Charlie B:
To achieve a more tailored experience for our customers, we’ve been product recommendations recreated custom strategies that use brand affinity logic. So the recommendations were rewrite to better match the customer’s individual affinities. And as a result, we’ve driven conversion rates in key categories by up to 3%. And as a result of this, we’ve driven a 356% increase in revenue, and 279% improvement in click through rate compared to the non-personalized campaigns. As a result of his experience going live, we’ve been able to drive average order value up by 2%.

We have found a tremendous lift in the ability to incorporate and bake in this behavioural data, which I 100% agree I do not see that a lot on site search and recommendation is a major, major trend that is happening throughout e commerce sites.

Wilson Del Grego:
Thank you for the invite. And then work with you to a really great experience to personalize the content and have this connection with the client. So, if I have something to say, just to everybody tries personalize and see the results that define.

Tatiana Santiago (Algonomy):
Thank you

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