Order Right: 1-click Intelligent Replenishment

Achieve lean inventory, reduce out-of-stocks and food wastage by algorithmically optimizing your replenishment

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Generate accurate SKU-level order plans for even the most challenging categories with AI-infused replenishment planning

Built on Forecast Right- the most accurate, smart, and retail-native forecasting solution

Unique replenishment algorithms built for retail

Designed for supply chain and demand planning users

Agile and scalable across SKU-category-store-channel

And achieve replenishment excellence


reduction in
inventory costs


reduction in


in wastage



Unleash 1-click AI to Take Replenishment to the Next Level

Forecast Confidently With Proprietary AI
  • Generate multivariate forecasting with auto-suggested predictors.
  • Create Best-fit ML-based demand modeling with an ensemble of algorithms.
  • Embed potential wastage and other key metrics as model selection criteria.
  • Go granular and adaptive with forecasts that account for store, category, and channel-related nuances.
  • Re-calibrate and perform scenario analysis for validation.

Optimize Replenishment Plans With Curated Algorithms
  • Optimize inventory days vs cost optimization with shelf-life, lead-time, expiration date, minimum order quantity, minimum display stock, and standard ordering frequency constraints.
  • Configure day-zero predictive alerts on exceptions such as expiration, out-of-stock, overstock, and registration expiry.
  • Automatically account for exchange rates, interest rates, and credit periods.
Generate and Visualize Robust Replenishment Plans
  • Create a single view of what, when, how to order along with key SKU-level parameters, risk levels, and stock projections.
  • Choose risk-level and generate plans that best suit your business.
  • Customize outbound integrations and visualization.

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